How to Pamper Your Senior Cat

If your feline friend is getting up there in the age department, she certainly can use some pampering. Try these suggestions from your Terre Haute, IN vet to do just that:

Senior Diet

Is your cat eating a specially formulated senior diet? She should be! The nutritional needs of older cats are far different than younger animals. Ask your vet to recommend a cat food that is appropriate for your pet’s age, weight, breed, and body condition.

Pet Ramps

It’s likely that your cat has trouble getting up onto couches and staircases more so than she ever did. Build or buy pet ramps to serve this purpose. This way, your cat doesn’t have to strain herself as much to get up on her favorite perches.

Grooming Assistance

Your cat probably can’t twist and turn the way she once could in order to groom herself. By this point in life, it’s time you gave your cat a hand. Use a feline-specific brush and run it through your cat’s fur regularly. This will moisturize the coat with natural skin oils, keeping the fur and skin healthy.

Talk to your Terre Haute, IN veterinary professional for more information on your senior cat’s health.