Keeping Pets Safe During Hot Weather

Just like us, pets are at risk for overheating, hyperthermia, and sunstroke if left outdoors in the heat for too long. Here, your Cypress, TX veterinary professional gives you three essential tips for keeping your pet safe during hot weather.

Bring Pets Indoors

The easiest way to avoid the dangers of overheating is to bring your pet indoors into the air conditioning, where they’ll be comfortable and safe. Try exercising your pet during the early morning and later evening hours, when the sun isn’t highest in the sky and temperatures aren’t at their peak.

Provide Fresh Water

Provide fresh water for your pet at all times of the day and night. This is essential not only for hot weather, but for all seasons and for every aspect of your pet’s health.

Provide Shade When Outdoors

When your pet does spend time outdoors, make sure they have a shady spot to cool off under. If there aren’t adequate shade trees in the area, make your own shade by hanging a sheet or constructing an awning.

Do you want more advice on keeping your pet safe when the temperatures rise? Contact your Cypress, TX animal hospital today for help from the professionals.