Winter Pet Hazards

If your pet is like most, he can use a little help staying safe and warm during the wintertime. Use these tips from a Mattoon, IL veterinarian to accomplish just that.

Freezing Temperatures

Of course, winter’s major danger is cold temperatures. Pets who are left outdoors for long periods of time are at risk for deadly hypothermia and frostbite. Don’t allow your pet to stay outside; limit outdoor time to quick bathroom breaks or exercise romps, and bring them indoors afterward where they’ll be safe and warm.

Snow and Ice

Don’t let your pet play in deep snowbanks, as even athletic pets who love snow can exhaust themselves trudging through deep patches. Also avoid ice whenever possible: not only can pets slip, ice may contain road salt or melting chemicals that you don’t want your animal friend ingesting.


Antifreeze contains ethylene glycol, a poisonous alcohol that pets may be attracted to thanks to its sweet smell and taste. Use antifreeze carefully, and clean up any spills right away. Store the chemical on a high shelf where pets can’t reach.

Talk to your veterinarians Mattoon, IL for more advice on keeping your pet safe and sound as winter rolls on.