Keeping Your Pet Safe in the Snow

When the next snowstorm hits your area, you’ll want to be prepared. That includes keeping your pet safe! Use these tips from an Indianapolis, IN veterinarian to keep your four-legged friend from harm.

Keep Outdoor Time Short

As a general rule, keep outdoor time very short during the winter, especially if it’s cold enough for snow. Leaving your pet outdoors is only inviting deadly hypothermia and frostbite. Bring your pet indoors with you and your family, where it’s safe and warm.

Avoid Deep Snowbanks

Even athletic pets can exhaust themselves whilst trudging through deep snowbanks—don’t let your pet play in deep snow, even if they seem to love it. Smaller pets can even sink in and struggle to get themselves out!

Beware of Ice

With snow comes ice, and it can also present a few hazards to our furry friends. Like us, pets are at risk for slipping on ice, possibly tearing ligaments or hyperextending limbs. Plus, ice may have melting chemicals or road salt applied to it, and you don’t want your animal companion tracking these substances inside on their paws, where they may lick it off later.

Contact your Indianapolis, IN vet clinic for more wintertime safety tips.