Making Your Senior Cat’s Life Easier

If your cat is entering her golden years, she needs your attention and loving care now more than ever. Here, your Myakka, FL vet gives you a few pointers on making your elderly feline’s life a little easier:

Grooming Assistance

It’s likely that your cat can’t twist and turn as easily as she once could in order to groom herself. This is especially likely if your pet is suffering from the painful twinges of arthritis. Help your cat out by grooming her regularly with a pet-specific brush. This will remove loose hair and moisturize the coat with natural skin oils.

Home Modification

Set up pet ramps around your home if your cat is having trouble getting up on her favorite windowsill, piece of furniture, or up and down the stairs. You may also consider lining slippery hardwood or tile floors with carpet strips; this can help your cat keep her footing on such surfaces.

Senior Diet

All older cats should be fed a specially formulated senior diet, made just for the needs of aging cats. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a food that will suit your cat’s needs.

Talk to your veterinarians Myakka, FL for more senior cat care tips.