Three Signs of Illness in Birds

Do you own a bird? It’s your responsibility to know when your feathered friend isn’t feeling well. Below, your Riverside County, CA vet gives you a crash course in bird health symptoms.

Loss of Appetite

A loss of appetite isn’t a good sign in just about any pet, birds included. If you’ve noticed an increase in the food left in your bird’s bowl, or if your feathered friend seems to refuse food entirely, let your veterinarian know. Anything from disease to infection to injury could be to blame.

Ruffled Feathers

Although birds do ruffle their feathers as a part of normal behavior, they don’t leave them ruffled for extended periods. If you notice that your bird has kept their feathers ruffled for longer than 24 hours, it’s time to notify your veterinarian.

Cere Signs

Your bird’s cere is the area where the nostrils are housed, just above the beak. If you see discharge coming from this area, or notice inflammation, redness, swelling, or anything else abnormal, call your vet’s office.

Does your bird need a veterinary examination? Would you like more advice on their care and health? Contact your vet in Riverside County, CA today for help from the professionals.