Grooming Your Feline Friend

Although our cats are the consummate self-groomers, that doesn’t mean they couldn’t use a little help every now and again. Here, your Livonia, MI veterinarian discusses three key parts of proper feline grooming.


Every cat can benefit from regular brushing sessions. Not only does this remove loose and dead fur from the coat, preventing fur from winding up on your furniture and carpets, it spread essential skin oils through the coat. This keeps your cat’s fur shiny and naturally moisturized.


Your cat probably won’t like it, but the occasional bath will do them good. Be sure to use a feline-specific shampoo, available at pet supply shops and some vets’ offices. It’s best to start bathing when your cat is still a kitten; this way, she’ll grow up somewhat used to the sensation.

Nail Trims

Don’t forget about regular nail trims—this is an important part of grooming, and it’s something your cat can’t take care of herself. Use a feline-specific nail trimmer, and be sure to only blunt the tip of each claw. Keep a styptic pen on hand to staunch bleeding if you clip too far.

Talk to your Livonia, MI veterinarian for more feline grooming tips.