Keeping Your Pet Safe When It’s Cold

When winter arrives, you must be vigilant about keeping your pet safe from the elements. Here, your Indianapolis, IN veterinarian offers a few tips on doing just that.

Bring Pets Indoors

Don’t leave pets outdoors when it’s cold; this is only inviting deadly frostbite and hypothermia, and it’s just plain cruel. Pets will be safest and happiest in the warmth of the indoors, with you and your family to keep them company.

Pet Clothing

When your pet does need to go outdoors for bathroom breaks, exercise sessions, or quick walks, consider dressing them up to help stave off the cold. Parkas, sweaters, booties, even earmuffs—there’s quite a variety of pet clothing out there! Ask your vet to recommend clothing for your pet.

Avoid Ice

Not only can ice make pets slip and fall just like us, it may contain salt or ice-melting chemicals. Your pet could track these substances indoors on their paws, then ingest them when they lick themselves. To be safe, have your pet avoid ice patches whenever possible.

Would you like more advice on keeping your pet safe and sound during the colder months of the year? Give your vet clinic Indianapolis, IN a call today.