Preparing Your Home for Your Puppy’s Arrival

Bringing home a puppy in the near future? Be sure to prepare your home itself for the new addition’s arrival. Use these tips from a North Phoenix, AZ vet to do just that.

Consider Space Restrictions

It’s a good idea to use dog gates or even baby gates to restrict your puppy’s access around your home, at least for the first few weeks. Not only will this make things less overwhelming for your puppy, it will keep the area you have to manage much smaller, making things a lot easier.

Eliminate Physical Hazards

Go through all the rooms in your home that your puppy will have access to. Check for physical hazards like sharp edges, tight spaces that a pup could get stuck in, loose wires and cords, or small objects that could be choked on. Take whatever steps are necessary to eliminate these hazards before your pup comes home.

Remove Toxic Materials

Be sure there are no toxic materials—poisonous foods, pesticides, human medicine, cleaning products, toxic plants—in your puppy’s area. You’ll have an emergency on your hands if your new arrival decides to ingest these items!

Ask your veterinarian North Phoenix, AZ for more puppy preparation tips.