Senior Cat Care Tips

If your cat is getting up there in years, she needs your love and attention now more than ever. Here, your Montgomery, TX vet gives you a few tips on keeping your elderly feline friend safe and happy.

Senior Diet

All older cats should be fed a nutritionally complete, well-balanced senior diet that is appropriate for their aging bodies. Remember: the nutritional needs of an elderly cat are far different than a kitten, or even those of a middle-aged pet! Ask your veterinarian to recommend a diet for your cat.

Help with Grooming

It’s likely that your cat can’t twist and turn the way she once could in order to groom herself. Give her a hand by brushing her regularly. This will remove loose and dead fur, as well as spread essential skin oils through the hair to keep it naturally moisturized.

Mobility Assistance

Consider purchasing or building your own pet ramps to set up around your home. These can be extremely helpful for allowing cats up on furniture or trekking up and down staircases. Your veterinarian can tell you about other great ways to modify your home.

Call your Montgomery, TX animal hospital if your cat needs veterinary care.