Make Life Easier for Your Senior Pet

If your pet is entering their golden years, their care requirements are a bit different than they once were. Here, your Sun Prairie, WI veterinary professional gives you a few tips on making your aging pet’s life a little easier.

Quality Senior Diet

All older pets will benefit from a specially formulated senior diet that is made specifically for the needs of an aging animal. The nutritional needs of an older pet are much different than they were many years ago! Ask your vet to recommend a diet for your particular pet.

Home Modifications

Try building or purchasing pet ramps to set up around your home; these can make it much easier for pets to trek up and down the staircase or get up on their favorite piece of furniture. You may also consider putting carpet strips along tile or wooden floors, as these can help pets keep their footing on these slippery surfaces.

Comfortable Bed

When was the last time you bought your pet a new bed? A plush bed will feel great on your older pet’s weary bones at the end of a long day.

Talk to your vet Sun Prairie, WI for more senior pet care tips.