Water Safety Tips for Dogs

Many of our canine companions enjoy spending time in the water. It’s important to be aware of a few safety tips before heading out to the beach or your backyard pool, though. Learn more here from your vet in South Miami, FL.

Make Sure Dog Can Swim

Keep this in mind: not all dogs are strong swimmers! Some dog breeds, in fact, may not be able to swim at all and might sink underwater when placed in a pool or the ocean. Before heading into the water with your dog, make sure he or she is able to keep themselves afloat.

Consider Flotation Devices

Doggie flotation devices are a great help for dogs who aren’t strong swimmers or for those who could use an extra hand in the water. These are available at pet supply stores and certain retail outlets. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation.

Rinse Coat Out When Finished

Always rinse your dog’s coat out when you get out of the water, whether you’re swimming in a chlorinated pool or the ocean. Salt, sand, and chlorine will irritate your dog’s skin if it remains in the coat.

Call your vets South Miami, FL for more water safety tips.