Exercising Your Cat

Cats aren’t as easy to exercise as dogs, who are usually happy to play whenever the offer comes around. Cats, however, need their exercise! Here, your Livonia, MI vet gives you a few suggestions.

Laser Pointer

Most cats will go wild for the laser pointer, which shines a bright red dot wherever you point it. Cats tend to love chasing after the pesky light, and they don’t even realize they’re getting a great workout while doing so! Just be careful not to shine the light directly in your cat’s eyes.


There’s no substitute for good old-fashioned cat toys. Make sure your feline friend has a wide variety to choose from, and keep them accessible so that she can keep herself entertained.

Cat Towers

Consider purchasing a cat tower structure for your home. These items often have multiple platforms, toys, and even scratching posts built in, and let your cat get exercise while having great fun. Try sprinkling catnip on the tower to entice your cat into using it.

Does your cat need to lose weight? Would you like further suggestions on getting your cat moving in order to help shed the pounds? Contact your vets Livonia, MI today.