Why Identify Your Pet with a Microchip?

You’ve probably heard of pet microchips by now. Are you aware that they’re the absolute best way to identify your animal companion for a lifetime? Learn about the benefits of microchips here from a Glendale, AZ veterinary professional:

It’s Secure

Your pet cannot remove their own microchip, since it’s implanted under the skin. There’s a chance that pets can chew away, rip apart, or slip off a collar with ID tags, leaving themselves unidentified in a crisis situation. This isn’t a worry with a microchip!

It’s Quick, Easy, and Painless

The microchipping procedure only takes a few moments; the chip is inserted under the skin with a specialized syringe. Your pet won’t feel pain, aside from a momentary pinch. It’s very similar to a regular vaccination!

It’s Easy to Update

If you only identify your pet with ID tags, you’ll have to get new ones when you get a new phone number or move addresses. With a microchip, all you’ll have to do is contact the chip manufacturer via telephone or email. They can update their database instantly, without the need for you to even leave home.

Does your pet need a microchip? See your pet clinic Glendale, AZ for help.