Vaccination Basics for Dogs

Are you new to dog ownership? Vaccination is one of the most important measures you’ll take to keep your pet healthy. Here, your Thorold, ON vet goes over the basics of vaccination for dogs.

How Do Vaccines Work?

Vaccines work by introducing an antigen to your dog’s system, which your dog’s body recognizes as a disease. As a response, the immune system develops antibodies. This way, should the real disease ever come along later in life, your dog’s system is prepared to recognize it, lessen symptoms, or fight it off entirely.

What Vaccines Does My Dog Need?

All dogs need the core vaccines, which are usually administered in a batch together when your pup is young. These include vaccines against distemper, rabies, calicivirus, parvovirus, and more.

Non-core vaccines, like the Bordetella vaccine that protects against kennel cough, may be administered depending on your particular dog’s exposure risk and other factors. Non-core vaccines aren’t considered essential for every dog, though.

How Do I Get Started?

Does your canine companion need vaccinated? Wondering what core or non-core vaccines your dog already has or may need in the future? Set up an appointment at your Thorold, ON animal hospital today to get started.