Hot Weather Health Tips for Pets

It’s very important to keep your four-legged friend’s health in mind when the temperatures rise; pets are at a high risk for deadly dehydration and heatstroke. Here, your Myrtle Beach vet tells you how to avoid the danger.


Make sure your animal friend has a dish of cool, fresh water to drink from at all times, whether he spends time indoors or out. Check the bowl periodically to refill or refresh the water if necessary. Your pet will thank you!


If your pet spends time outdoors during the summer months, make sure there is at least one shaded spot to cool off under. If there aren’t adequate shade trees where your pet is spending time, make your own shade by setting up an awning or hanging a sheet.


Did you know that pets can get sunburnt just like we can? It’s especially likely to occur on areas that aren’t covered by fur, such as the ear edges, nose tip, or toes. Combat the problem with a pet-formulated sunscreen, available at your local pet supply shop. Ask your vet for a recommendation.

Call your animal hospital Myrtle Beach professional can tell you about more hot weather health tips—call today!