Paw Care Tips for Cats

Part of great cat ownership is making sure that every part of them stays healthy. The paws are no exception! Use these tips from an Isle of Palms, SC veterinary professional to keep your cat’s feet in good shape.

Nail Trims

When a cat’s nails become too long and sharp, they can get snagged in carpets. They’re also more likely to tear up your furniture and hands! Trim your cat’s nails regularly with a feline-specific trimmer. Keep a styptic powder or pen on hand just in case you clip too far and cause bleeding.

Paw Checks

Every once in a while, sit down with your cat and give the paws a quick once-over. Check in between the toes; it’s very easy for small objects like burrs, bits of plastic and metal, or pebbles to get lodged there. Also take note of any wounds or cuts you see, and let your vet know if something looks serious.

Paw Pad Health

Don’t let your cat walk on scorching hot asphalt in the summertime, as the paw pads can burn and blister. If your cat goes outside, stick to the grass.

Talk to your Isle of Palms, SC vet for more paw-care advice.