Make Life Easier for Your Senior Cat

Is your cat entering her golden years? Now more than ever, she needs your loving care and attention. Here, your Livonia, MI vet provides a few tips for making your aging cat’s life a little easier.

Pet Ramps

Build or buy pet ramps to allow your cat to have easier access to her favorite living room furniture or windowsill perch. It’s harder than ever before for your pet to get up onto these objects, especially if she’s feeling the twinges of arthritis pain.

Multiple Litter Boxes

What senior cat wants to traipse up and down the staircase to reach the litter box? If your home has multiple floors, consider adding a litter box to each one. This way, your cat doesn’t have to go as far to use the bathroom, and the chance of accidents on the crept is greatly reduced.

Senior Diet

All senior cats can benefit from a diet made specifically for them. Ask your veterinarian about switching your cat’s food to a specially-formulated senior feline food made for her unique nutritional needs.

Do you have further questions on caring for your cat as she ages? Don’t hesitate to contact your vet clinic Livonia, MI office for professional help.