What to Do If Your Dog is Scared of Thunderstorms

Many dogs suffer from what we call thunderstorm anxiety. In addition to the loud booms and brilliant flashes, many experts believe that dogs may be able to sense changes in the air’s static electricity and pressure, which frightens them all the more. If your dog doesn’t like storms, use these tips from a Scottsdale, AZ vet to help:

Doggie Safe-Zone

Set up a safe zone in a quiet back room. Include a soft pet bed, several blankets, and a few of your pooch’s favorite toys. When storms come, lead your dog to this area and stay with him until the weather passes.

Dog Clothing

Some dogs are comforted by being wrapped up in a blanket or clothing during storms. There are even specialized “storm jackets” made just for dogs. Ask your veterinarian if your pooch may benefit from such a product.

Desensitization Technique

By playing a recording of thunderstorms over your stereo at a low volume, then gradually increasing the volume over time, you may be able to desensitize your pooch to the problem. Always consult your veterinarian before trying this technique.

Talk to your vet clinic Scottsdale, AZ for more information on canine thunderstorm anxiety and how to correct it.