Animal Adoption Myths

There are several prevalent myths out there when it comes to animal shelters, rescue facilities, and adoptions. Don’t believe everything you hear! Below, a London, ON veterinarian sets the record straight.

Shelters and Their Pets Are Dirty

This isn’t true in the least. Even if a grimy pet finds their way to a shelter, they’re bathed, clipped, given nail trims, and administered vaccines if necessary. Shelters themselves are held to a high standard of cleanliness and sanitation in order to prevent the spread of disease and infection.

Shelter Pets Are Poorly Behaved

Some think that shelter pets wouldn’t wind up there at all if they behaved well. The truth is, though, that pets don’t typically come to shelters because of bad behavior. The vast majority of pets in shelters are perfectly well-behaved and are just looking for their forever home!

Shelter Pets Are Old

Think all pets in shelters are old, unwanted, and abandoned? Think again! Pets of any age—puppies and kittens, middle-aged animals, and senior companions—can be found in shelters. Tour through your local shelters before visiting a pet store or breeder.

Would you like more insight into the adoption process? Contact your pet clinic London, ON.