Care Tips for Your Senior Dog

Is your dog getting along in years? It’s important that you keep his care needs in mind, now more than ever. Use these tips from an Ashburn, VA veterinarian to keep your aging pooch healthy.

Feed an Appropriate Diet

Most dogs are considered senior age by the time they’re about seven. Your dog should probably be eating a senior-formulated diet by this time, which will help provide the essential nutrients he needs and stave off obesity and other common troubles. Ask your vet to recommend a senior diet for your dog’s needs.

Maintain an Exercise Routine

Older dogs need exercise, too! Be sure to keep up with exercise on a daily basis. Go for brisk walks around the neighborhood or light jogs through the backyard. Consult your veterinarian to find out what other sorts of exercise may be appropriate for your senior canine.

Consider Home Modification

Minor home modifications can also be very helpful for senior dogs. Consider purchasing or building pet ramps to help your elderly companion up staircases or onto his favorite chair. A comfy pet bed is another must-have.

Call your vet Ashburn, VA is here to serve all of your pet-care needs; make an appointment today!