Pet Toxins Found in Every Home

Nearly every typical home has a few potential pet toxins inside it—it just can’t be helped. The trick is keeping your pet safe with awareness and precautionary measures! Learn more here from your Lansing, MI vet.


Toxic Foods

Plenty of human foods aren’t safe for pets. The list includes onions, garlic, chives, shallots, chocolate, candy, gum, grapes and raisins, macadamia nuts, caffeine, alcohol, and more. Never leave any harmful foods within reach of your pet; store them inside of closed cabinets or the refrigerator.


Human Medication

Did you know that various human medicines can harm a pet? Antidepressants, aspirin, cough syrup, over-the-counter pills, and prescription drugs are just a few of the potential dangers. Keep your medicine cabinet closed tightly at all times, because you don’t want your pet ingesting medication in liquid or pill form.


Cleaning Products

Cleaning products found in almost every household—toilet bowl cleaner, bleach, household disinfectants, carpet shampoo, furniture polish, even air fresheners—can harm a pet who manages to ingest them. Never allow your pet access to the supply closet, and keep your animal companion elsewhere when using strong chemicals.


Ask your veterinary clinic Lansing, MI for more information on pet toxins at home.