Keep Your Pet Safe From These Backyard Hazards

It’s a lot of fun to spend time in the great outdoors with your dog or cat, and our pets can enjoy themselves greatly, too! Keep them safe with these tips from an Aurora, CO veterinarian.

Outdoor Pests

Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, parasitic worms like heartworm and roundworm… these pesky critters aren’t worth the risk. Make sure your animal companion wears seasonal or year-round preventative medications to combat common pests in your area. Talk to your vet to get started.

Poisonous Plant Life

There are plenty of toxic plants and flowers that you may already have in your backyard garden or landscaping. The list includes the sago palm, aloe plants, dieffenbachia, elephant ear, ivy, oleander, lilies, daffodils, tulips, poinsettias, and many others. Ask your vet what types of toxic plant life are common around you, and remove them from your backyard at once.

Pesticides, Fertilizer

If you spray pesticides on your garden to ward off insects, or use fertilizer products on your lawn, use caution: these substances can poison pets! Don’t let your animal companion munch on treated plant life.

Would you like more tips for keeping your pet safe in the backyard? Call your veterinarian

Aurora, CO for help.