Hot Weather Care Tips for Pets

When the temperature rises, pets need extra care and attention to stay safe. After all, they can’t help but wear a fur coat in the middle of summer! Use these tips from an Olathe, KS vet to keep your pet safe and sound:

Bring Pet Inside

Rule number one during hot weather: don’t leave your pet outdoors for long periods of time. This is only inviting dangerous heatstroke and heat exhaustion. Keep exercise periods short, and try to exercise your pet during the cooler morning or evening hours. The rest of the time, allow your animal companion to relax indoors.

Provide Water

Give your pet a dish of cool water to drink from at all times. This will stave off dehydration and keep your pet healthy and happy.

Protect Against Sunburn

When pets do spend time outdoors, they’re susceptible to sunburn, just like humans are. Combat this problem with a canine- or feline-formulated sunscreen, available at pet supply stores and certain retail outlets. These products are especially helpful for areas of the body that aren’t covered by fur!

Would you like even more hot-weather tips for your animal friend? Call your vet Olathe, KS today for help.