Why Microchip Your Cat?

Did you know that microchipping your cat is one of the best things you’ll ever do for them? Learn why below from a Rochester, NY veterinary professional.

Secure Identification

One major benefit of microchips over ID tags is that they’re completely secure; your cat can’t remove a microchip no matter how hard they try. The chip is implanted under the skin, so you have the peace of mind from knowing that your cat is constantly identified, even if they escape unexpectedly.

Easy to Update

Moving? Getting a new telephone number? You don’t have to purchase an entirely new microchip, the way you’ll need new ID tags for your pet. Simply contact the manufacture, and they can update your cat’s information instantaneously without ever changing the chip. You don’t even have to leave home!

Painless Procedure

The microchip is implanted under your cat’s skin using a specialized syringe, and it only takes a moment. Your pet won’t feel any pain aside from a slight pinch—it’s just like a normal vaccination. In a few minutes, the entire procedure will be complete!

Do you have further questions about microchips? Ready to have your cat identified properly? Call your veterinarian Rochester, NY animal clinic.