The Basics of Guinea Pig Care

Guinea pigs make wonderful pets for the right families. Here, your Livonia, MI veterinarian goes over some of the basics of guinea pig care:


Your guinea pig will need a spacious cage with room for food and water dishes, toys, exercise areas, and hiding spots. The bottom of the cage must be solid, as shaved wood bedding will need to be put down for your pig. Ask your vet for more advice on guinea pig habitats.


Guinea pigs are fed a commercial pellet diet, which is widely available at pet supply stores and retail outlets. The diet is supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables like carrots, lettuce, zucchini, grapes, apples, and more—ask your veterinarian what fruits and veggies are safe for guinea pigs.

Vet Visits

Like any pet, your pig will benefit from regular visits to the vet’s office. Guinea pigs occasionally may require their teeth or nails to be filed down, and your veterinarian can gauge your pig’s overall health and offer advice moving forward. In addition, any health concerns can be spotted early and dealt with accordingly.

If your guinea pig needs a veterinary appointment, call your Vets Livonia, MI office. We’re here to help!