Banishing Pet Odors from the Home

Some of our pets can be a bit smelly after a while. If your home is starting to reek of Fido or Fluffy, it’s time to take action! Here, your Lafayette, LA vet tells you what to do.

Grooming and Cleaning

Brush your pet daily to remove loose and dead fur from the coat, trapping it in the brush before it winds up all over your home. Take time every week to dust and vacuum; this is essential for removing dander and other pet-related detritus from your carpets and furniture.

Odor Neutralizers

Air fresheners mask over smells, keeping things fresh for a time, but they don’t eliminate odors. Use an odor neutralizer, available at pet stores and retail outlets, to truly banish odors for good. Ask your vet to recommend a great product.

Space Restrictions

Some pets simply smell more than others. In these cases, you may want to consider space restrictions; this means limiting your pet’s freedom around the house to one floor, or perhaps only allowing them onto one piece of living-room furniture. This keeps the area you must clean much smaller!

Talk to your Animal Hospital Lafayette, LA for more advice on pet-odor control. We’re here to help!