Saving Money on Your Pet’s Care Needs

Wouldn’t it be nice to save a little cash on pet care every now and then? You can do just that! Here, your Pikeville, KY veterinary professional gives you a few pointers.

Preventative Medicine

Preventative medicine is not only far more effective than treating a problem after the fact, it’s far less expensive. This means having your pet up-to-date on all essential vaccinations to ward off disease and infection. Another key preventative measure is pest-control; have your pet wear seasonal or year-round medications to prevent flea, tick, or worm infestations.


Feeding your pet a great diet keeps them healthy for as long as possible, and feeding them with proper portion sizes saves you money. This way, you’re avoiding obesity, which not only wastes food but contributes to additional costly health problems down the road.

Groom at Home

Save yourself a little money on grooming costs by brushing your pet at home in between appointments at Fluffy’s hairstylist. Grooming keeps the skin and fur healthy, and ultimately reduces shedding by spreading essential skin oils through the coat, moisturizing it naturally.

Would you like more tips for saving money on your pet’s care needs? Call your Vet Pikeville, KY  office today.