Guinea Pig Care Guidelines

Are you considering a guinea pig as your next pet? These little critters can make wonderful companions for the right owner! Below, your Livonia, MI vet goes over some basics of guinea pig care.

Dietary Needs

Your guinea pig will need to be fed a pellet diet; this is what will make up the bulk of your pet’s food consumption. On a daily basis, the pellet food must be supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, grapes, zucchini, lettuce, or cucumber. Ask your vet for further specifics on the dietary needs of guinea pigs.


Your guinea pig will need a solid wire-mesh cage with enough space for food and water, hiding spots, toys, and exercise areas. The bottom must be solid to accommodate your pig’s wood-shaving bedding material. If you’re planning on housing more than one guinea pig, pick a cage that allows space for everyone.

Handling Tips

Guinea pigs can be rather skittish at first, especially if they haven’t had much contact with humans before. You’ll need to take it slow and be very gentle. Over time, your pig will warm up to you—be patient!

Call your Vets Livonia, MI for more guinea-pig care guidelines.