Where to Put the Litter Box

Your cat’s litter box location is very important—since our feline friends can be rather picky, where you place the box often impacts whether or not your cat chooses to use it! Here, your Scottsdale, AZ vet tells you where to put Fluffy’s bathroom.

Quiet, Low-Traffic Area

Would you like doing your business in a crowded, noisy area? Neither does your feline friend. Put the box in a quiet, out-of-the-way area where your cat won’t be disturbed. In most typical homes, a laundry room, basement room, or back bathroom works well.

Far From Food and Water

Cats don’t like to use the bathroom close to their food and watering areas. In fact, some cats have been known to stop eating altogether, or shun the litter box, if the two are placed in close proximity!

Easily Accessible Location

Of course, your cat’s box must be placed somewhere that’s easily accessible at all times, even when you or a member of your family aren’t home. It’s easy for a screen door or other obstacle to block your cat’s access, so make sure this can’t happen.

Want more advice on cat care? Call your vet Glendale, AZ veterinarian’s office for help from the professionals.