Why Should You Get Your Pet a Microchip?

Have you heard about microchips for pets? They’re the most secure and effective method for identification out there! Learn more about microchips’ benefits below from your Mobile, AL vet.

They’re Secure

Your pet won’t be able to remove their own microchip by accident; it’s implanted under the skin. Sometimes, a pet can chew through or rip away a collar with ID tags, leaving themselves unidentified in an emergency situation. With a microchip, your pet remains identified no matter what!

They’re Easy to Update

Moving? Getting a new phone number? Don’t worry about purchasing an entirely new chip. All you have to do is update your records in the microchip manufacturer’s database. Your pet’s contact information will be updated without the need for either of you to even leave home.

They’re Cheap

Microchips themselves aren’t expensive, and the implant procedure shouldn’t cost more than $75 or so at most. It’s well worth the investment for a lifetime of proper, secure identification!

Do you have more questions about pet identification and microchips? Ready to have your animal companion outfitted with one? Make an appointment to see your Vet Clinic Mobile, AL. We’re here to help with all of your most important pet-care needs!