Clipping Fido’s Nails

Clipping your pooch’s nails is an essential part of any canine grooming routine—if a dog’s nails are allowed to become too long, they can split or fracture painfully. Here, your Montgomery, TX veterinarian tells you how to about trimming Fido’s nails successfully:

Gather Supplies

First, gather your supplies in one place. You’ll need a canine-specific nail trimmer, a styptic powder to staunch any bleeding, and a few dog treats. When you’re ready, sit down with your dog in a quiet, well-lit area of the house.

Clip the Tips

Gently take your dog’s paw in one hand, and gently snip the tip of each claw with the trimmers. Focus on simply blunting the tip; if you clip too far down, you may snip the blood vessel that runs into each nail, resulting in bleeding. This is where your styptic powder comes in.


Once you’ve completed a paw, offer your dog a reward before moving on to the other paws.

Do you need further advice on trimming your dog’s nails? Would you like a professional to take care of your dog’s nails for ease of mind? You’re in luck! Set up an appointment at your Vet Montgomery, TX today.