How to Help Fluffy Lose Weight

Many of our domesticated cats are carrying too much weight; some studies show that over half of all cats could stand to lose a few pounds! If you need to help your cat lose weight, use these tips from a vet in Rochester, NY:

Portion Control

Many times, simply lessening your cat’s portion size can contribute greatly to healthy weight loss. Consult your pet food’s packaging, or ask your veterinarian, to find out about a proper portion size for your cat. Don’t free-feed, or leave food out constantly for your cat to eat as she pleases. Instead, schedule mealtimes and take away food after a period of time.

Dietary Change

In some cases, you may need to switch your cat to a new diet to give Fluffy the nutrition she needs without a lot of empty calories. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation, and be sure to ask for tips on transitioning between foods.

Regular Exercise

Of course, exercise will be key in getting your cat to lose weight. Get her moving daily with toys, playtime, laser lights, cat tower structures, etc.

Do you need help getting your cat slimmed down? Don’t hesitate to contact your Veterinarians Rochester, NY.