Protect Your Pet From These Pests

Pest control is a very important part of your pet’s healthcare regimen—there’s no shortage of critters out there waiting to do your pet harm. Here, learn about three of the most common from your Marietta, GA veterinarian.


Fleas can cause infestations that are difficult to get rid of, and fleas can jump to other pets in the home or even human family members. Prevent the problem initially with a high-quality flea control product. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation.


Ticks carry Lyme disease and other dangerous illnesses that can be life-threatening if not caught early on. That’s why it’s best to avoid the danger entirely—set your pet up with a seasonal or year-round preventative medication to ward off common types of ticks in your area. Also be sure to check your pet’s body for ticks when you come in from the outdoors.


Heartworms, roundworms, flatworms… there are plenty of parasitic worms that may harm your animal companion. Special medications will be needed to rid your pet’s system, so ask your veterinarian about preventative measures.

Do you need help getting your pet the pest control he or she needs? Contact your animal hospital Marietta, GA today!