Warning Signs of Illness in Cats

Cats aren’t always forthcoming about their feelings—it certainly can be difficult to tell when your feline friend is sick! Below, your Portland, OR veterinarian tells you about three of the first signs of illness in cats.

Loss of Appetite

Has your cat stopped eating regularly? It’s safe to say that a loss of appetite is never a good sign in animals, including your cat. If you’ve noticed a good deal of kibble remaining in your pet’s bowl recently, it may be worth a call to the vet’s office.

Unusual Behavior

Keep a close eye on your feline friend’s behavior, because drastic or sudden changes could indicate medical issues. Has Fluffy started hiding constantly when she’s usually sociable? Perhaps she’s been acting more aggressive when she’s normally friendly. Let your veterinarian know if this behavior persists.

Coat Quality

Your cat’s coat quality is an indicator of her internal health. If you’ve noticed that your cat’s coat is becoming coarse, or if you’re seeing bald patches or an increase in shedding, it’s time to act. Illness, infection, or other problems could be to blame.

Does your cat need veterinary attention? Contact your Veterinarians Portland, OR for help from the professionals.