Three Great Reasons to Spay and Neuter

Of course, spaying and neutering is important for preventing unplanned litters. It’s also about much more, and it even benefits your pet in many ways! Learn more below from an Indianapolis, IN veterinary professional.

Health Benefits

Spaying or neutering your pet eliminates the risk of genital cancers, and greatly reduces the chance of prostate or breast cancers being diagnosed. It even lowers the likelihood of common issues like urinary tract infections. Save yourself a lot of worry and money later—have your pet spayed or neutered early on in life.

Behavior Benefits

Pets who are spayed or neutered behave far better and are less likely to exhibit aggression, house soiling, urine spraying, loud vocalizations, destructive chewing, digging, scratching, and more. It’s well worth the cost of the procedure to save yourself trouble later!

The Greater Good

Don’t forget about the broader benefit of spaying or neutering your pet: it benefits the greater good. Each year, millions of pets go homeless or must be euthanized simply because there aren’t enough families to take them in. Don’t contribute to the problem!

Does your animal companion need spayed or neutered? Have more questions about the procedure? Call your Animal Hospital Indianapolis, IN today.