Correcting Your Dog’s Shedding Problem

Have you noticed your canine companion shedding more than usual lately? It may be more than mere coincidence! If you think your dog is shedding too much, use these tips from a Katy, TX veterinarian to correct the issue:

Diet Change

Your dog’s diet has a lot to do with his shedding, as well as his overall coat quality. If Fido isn’t receiving the proper nutrients from his diet, the coat will suffer as a result! Talk to your vet to find out about a premium diet choice that will keep your dog’s shedding to a minimum.


Brush your dog on a daily or every-other-day basis—not only will it remove much of the loose fur in Fido’s coat, it will spread essential skin oils through the fur to moisturize it naturally and cut down on shedding. Ask your vet to recommend a good-quality pet brush for you to use.

See Your Vet

If you still can’t seem to get your dog’s shedding under control, it’s worth getting a second opinion. Since medical issues like parasitic infestation, infection, and disease could be the root cause, it’s important to act quickly! Make an appointment at your Animal Hospital Katy, TX office.