Your Feline Friend’s Tail Positions

One of the main ways that your cat communicates is with her tail. You’re probably not up on cat tail language—allow your Aurora, CO veterinarian to give you some insight below:

The Flagpole

You’ll often see your cat holding the tail up in a straight, rigid position. Some refer to this tail position as the “flagpole.” This means that your cat is feeling poised and self-confident. She’ll likely be up for some petting or even a few head-butts!

Puffed Tails

Of course, a puffed tail isn’t exactly a good sign—it means your cat is feeling threatened and is puffing the tail in order to make herself look as large and intimidating as possible. A puffed tail will likely be accompanied with a hiss and wide eyes.


Have you ever seen your feline friend wrap the tail around your leg, or even around another pet in the household? This is your cat’s way of showing affection, much like the way we would wrap an arm around a loved one.

These aren’t the only tail maneuvers your cat might demonstrate. For more insight into your cat’s body language, call your Veterinarian Aurora, CO today. We’re here for you!