Keeping Pets Calm During Veterinary Visits

If your pet is like many, they’re probably not fond of veterinary visits. Use these tips from a vet in Greenville, SC to try and keep your animal friend as calm as possible before and during trips to the vet’s.

Car Anxiety

Many pets become anxious about car rides, and with good reason—the car only ever takes them to the vet’s office! Take your pet on short trips to various destinations, or just have them explore your car in the driveway. Over time, they will start to realize that car rides aren’t all bad.

Mock Exams

In the weeks leading up to your pet’s exam, try performing mock veterinary appointments at home. Sit your pet on a raised table, steadying them with one hand, and gently prod their body for a few minutes. This will simulate the sensations they’ll feel at the vet’s office, hopefully getting them acclimated ahead of time.

In the Waiting Room

Many pets will feel most secure if kept inside their carrier in the waiting room. You can also try bringing along familiar toys to help your pet feel more comfortable.

Does your pet need an examination? Make an appointment with your Vet Clinic Greenville, SC.