Enriching Your Cat’s Home Life

Although cats spend the majority of their time sleeping, they do need proper enrichment and engagement for a happy, healthy life. Here, your Livonia, MI veterinarian gives you a few tips on keeping Fluffy entertained and stimulated.


Does your cat have a cat tower? These items offer multiple platforms that cats can climb to and from, and many even have built-in scratching posts or toys. They’re a great way to give your cat something to do, even if you’re gone at work for most of the day!


Toys are great for giving your cat hours of fun, providing proper exercise, and allowing her an outlet for her natural hunting and stalking instincts. Most cats love toys that mimic prey animals, like fake mice or birds. Visit your local pet store or retail outlet to purchase a few good cat toys.

Bonding Time

Don’t forget about another great way to enrich your cat’s life: spending time with her! Enjoying your cat’s company every day is a great way to make her happy and strengthen the important bond you share together.

Does your cat need veterinary attention? We’re here to help! Make an appointment at your veterinary clinic Livonia, MI.