Taking Good Care of Your Dog’s Paws

In case you haven’t noticed, your dog’s paws are rather important. They allow him to do just about everything a dog normally does! Keep the paws healthy with these three easy tips from your Oshawa, ON veterinarian.

Paw Checks

Sit down with your dog once a week or so and give each paw a thorough check-up. Look for objects stuck between the toes or embedded in the paw pads—if you can’t remove the object easily, consult your vet for help. Let your veterinary professional know if you see any serious abrasions or wounds around the paws.

Nail Trims

If your dog’s nails become too long, they can make walking difficult, or even fracture painfully. That’s why it’s important to trim your pooch’s nails regularly. Always use a canine-specific nail trimmer, and keep a styptic powder or pen on hand to staunch bleeding in case you clip too far.

Seasonal Tips

Don’t allow your dog to linger on asphalt surfaces in the summertime, as blacktop can heat up dramatically and burn your pet’s paw pads. In the winter, cold metal surfaces can also be irritating.

Want more tips for great dog paw care? Contact your animal hospital Oshawa, ON today.