Pet Insurance Basics

Did you know that you can get pet insurance, just like you can get health, home, or car insurance? To learn more, read on as your Scottsdale, AZ vet answers some initial questions.

Why Get Pet Insurance?

The benefit of pet insurance is the same as all other types of insurance—if something unexpected happens, you’ll have help paying the associated costs to fix the problem. If your pet suffers an injury or comes down with a sudden illness, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that unexpected veterinary bills won’t break your bank.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Like other insurance out there, you’ll pay a premium and have a set deductible. Different plans offer different types of coverage, ranging from “catastrophe” insurance that covers major accidents or terminal illnesses to more day-to-day coverage that can help with out-of-pocket costs for medicine, preventatives, and routine office visits.

Can I Keep My Current Veterinarian?

Most pet insurance plans should allow you to keep your current veterinarian—consider it a red flag if a company forces you to use a veterinarian of their choosing.

For more information about pet insurance plans, talk to your vet. Call your animal hospital Scottsdale, AZ today!