How to Prepare Your Home for a Kitten

Will you be bringing home a kitten in the near future? Make sure your home is prepared for what’s about to happen! Your Rochester, NY veterinary professional gives you a few tips in this article.

Hazard Removal

Go through each room in the house that your kitten will be allowed into. Remove any small objects that could be choked on or swallowed; toxic plants or flowers; cleaning chemicals; human foods or medicine; or sharp items. It may be helpful to use baby gates to block off certain rooms so that your new addition is contained in one area.

Litter Box

Introduce your kitten to their litterbox early on; with luck, they’ll take to it quickly. For very young kittens, a normal litterbox may be too large for them to hop into easily. In these cases, a low-sided baking tray or a similar item should work well.

Scratching Posts

As your kitten gets a bit older and starts to exercise her claws, you’ll want to save your furniture and carpets. Set up multiple scratching posts around the house, and direct your cat toward these when you see her scratching.

For more great kitten-care tips, contact your vet Rochester, NY today.