Preparing for a Kitten

Are you going to be introducing a kitten to your household in the near future? Make sure you’re prepared ahead of time to keep your new pet healthy and happy! Below, a Frisco, TX vet goes over the basics of preparing for a kitten.


Ask your veterinarian for specific advice on everything you’ll need. Generally, the basic requirements are a litter box, litter, food and water dishes, a bed, several fun toys, and a brush to help groom your pet.


Extremely young kittens will need a synthetic milk if the mother’s milk isn’t available; ask your veterinarian for help if you’re dealing with a newborn kitten. For cats that are several weeks or months old, they’ll be fed a specialized kitten diet and gradually transition into hard food. Your veterinarian can recommend a great diet choice for your new addition.

Safety Tips

Remove any hazards in your home so that kitty stays safe. This includes things like cleaning supplies, toxic plants or flowers, small objects that could be choked on or swallowed, loose wires, and sharp objects.

Does your kitten need veterinary attention? Want more advice before bringing home your pet? Contact your veterinarian Frisco, TX today.