Interpreting Your Cat’s Tail Language

Your cat uses her tail to communicate quite a bit—have you ever been curious about what she may be saying? Your North Phoenix, AZ veterinarian offers a crash course below.

The Standard Position

The majority of the time, your cat will hold her tail in the “default” position. It’s held straight up with a gentle curve. This means that your cat is relaxed and calm. Most likely, she’ll be up for a quick petting session or a bit of play. Oblige her!

The Straight Position

If your cat’s tail is held straight up, very rigidly, she’s feeling extra poised and self-confident. However, if the tail becomes puffed and you see your cat’s eyes go wide, she might be frightened or about to attack!

The Tail Wrap

Have you ever seen your cat wrap her tail around your leg? Perhaps she wraps it gently around another pet in the house. This is much like wrapping an arm around a friend or relative—it’s your cat’s way of showing she loves you!

Remember: all cats are different, and the above tail positions are only guidelines. For more insight into your particular cat’s body language, contact your pet clinic North Phoenix, AZ.