Don’t Make These Pet-Owner Mistakes

We love our pets because they bring us unconditional love, plenty of amusement, and constant companionship. Wouldn’t you want to keep your animal friend around for as long as possible? Below, your Aurora, CO vet tells you about three common pet-owner mistakes that you should avoid:

Not Enough Exercise

Nearly half of all domesticated cats and dogs are overweight, and that’s because many of us don’t exercise our pets enough. Get your pet moving every single day to stave off dangerous obesity.

Improper Portion Size

Don’t overfeed your pet! It’s another leading cause of obesity. Consult the packaging of your pet’s food, or ask your veterinarian, to find out about the exact portion size that suits your pet’s needs.

Skipping Preventives

Make sure your pet stays up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations because dangerous diseases can quickly cause serious health problems in a dog or cat who isn’t vaccinated. It’s also important to have your pet wear seasonal or year-round preventive medicines to ward off fleas, worms, and ticks. Talk to your veterinarian if your pet needs these medicines.

Wondering about other great ways to be best pet owner possible? We’re here for you! Contact your veterinary clinic Aurora, CO today.