Going Hiking With Your Dog

It’s a lot of fun to go on a hike with your canine companion. It’s also great exercise for your pooch, and it provides quality bonding time! Just make sure your dog stays safe—use these tips from your Plano, TX vet.

Pest Control

It’s important that Fido is up-to-date on all essential vaccinations to ward off disease, and that he’s wearing appropriate pest-control products to prevent problems caused by fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and worms. It’s not safe to head outdoors if your dog isn’t set up with these preventive measures! Talk to your vet if your dog needs these medications.


Never let your dog drink from ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, or puddles. Instead, bring along a thermos of cool water just for your dog. This way, he stays hydrated throughout your hike without the risk of bacteria and other contaminants.

Post-Hike Exam

Once you’ve returned home from your wilderness trek, be sure to give Fido’s body a quick once-over. It’s easy for burrs and other small objects to get stuck in the paw pads. Also check for ticks embedded in your dog’s skin.

For more tips on outdoor safety for your dog, contact your pet clinic Plano, TX.