Helping Your Pet to Lose Weight

Many of our pets need to lose weight. In fact, studies show that about half of all domesticated animals are over their weight limit! Do you think your four-legged friend needs to shed a few? Learn what to do from your veterinarians Ellicott City, MD.

See the Vet

Before taking any action, set up an appointment to have your pet examined by your veterinary professional. He or she can confirm whether or not your pet is, in fact, obese—from there, you’ll work closely together to formulate a tailored diet and weight-loss plan.


In some cases, you’ll just have to minimize your pet’s portion size to get their weight under control. Ask your veterinarian what size portion works best for your pet.

Other times, a diet change will be in order. When your pet receives a high-quality, nutritionally balanced diet that’s appropriate for their age and breed, they’ll receive all the nutrients they need without overeating! Talk to your vet for a recommendation.


What is diet plan complete without exercise? Go on walks and have play sessions with your pet frequently to help them burn calories.

For more weight-loss tips for pets, contact your veterinary clinic Ellicott City, MD.