Cleaning Your Pocket Pet’s Cage

Do you own a pocket pet like a hamster, guinea pig, gerbil, or rat? An important part of their healthcare regimen is making sure their enclosure stays clean. Here, your vet Fort Collins, CO gives you three easy steps:

Remove Your Pet

First things first—move your pet to a backup cage to make sure they’re safe and secure. This way, they won’t come into contact with any cleaning chemicals, and there’s no chance of them getting loose in the house.

Clean and Sanitize

Remove all cage items—exercise wheels, food and water dishes, hideouts, toys, etc.—and clean them separately with hot water and soap. Next, remove the bedding material and throw it out. Now you’re ready to clean the cage floor and walls with hot water and soap. Finish with a pet-safe sanitizing solution for maximum benefit.

Dry and Replace

Rinse out the cage with fresh water and dry it with a large towel. Allow your pet’s cage items to air-dry, then put in fresh bedding and put the cage back together. Now your pocket pet is ready to return to his fresh enclosure!

Want more tips on your pocket pet’s healthcare? Contact your veterinarian Fort Collins, CO.