How to Find Your Lost Cat

Looking for a lost cat can be heartbreaking. You’ll have the best chance of finding your pet, though, if you take quick and decisive action! Learn more from a vet Rochester, NY:

Spread the Word

Put up flyers, complete with a recent picture of your cat and your contact information, around town. Post them on telephone poles and ask if you can hang them in local business. It’s also a good idea to put them in local animal shelters and vets’ offices.

Nighttime Treats

If your cat escaped into your backyard, it’s likely that she’s still hiding out there, reluctant to venture too far from her home base. Early in the morning (around two or three a.m.) go outdoors and shake a bag of treats. With any luck, your cat will be nearby and might come out for a tasty morsel!

Preventing the Problem

Prevent escapes by being conscientious when opening and closing doors. It’s also important that your cat wears a micro chip, ID tags on her collar, or both in tandem. This is the best way to prevent your cat from getting lost permanently!

Does your pet need identified? We’re here to help. Call your veterinary clinic Rochester, NY.